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Corinna Parry

​Women & Girls! Take Corinna Parry’s advice and “Get out there”, you will never know how much you will love a sport until you try it. 

Corinna spent her younger years growing up in Maesgeirchen and has continued to live and work in North Wales. Always active in a number of sports and always interested in trying out new sports and activities, but they were always what you’d call traditional sports. That was until now. She stepped out of her comfort zone and tried something totally new – climbing!  

‘Never in a million years did I think I would enjoy climbing! I for one am pretty scared of heights and after several weeks of shaking after reaching a higher point on the wall – I finally made it to the top! Still shaking but also proud of myself on how far I had come. A new sport will give you a new sense of achievement and a new goal to work towards’.

Corinna may not have stepped out of her comfort zone if it wasn’t for the fact that it was an all-women’s group which she felt took away the feeling of pressure. All the girls inspired each other every week and supported each other along the course, celebrating each other’s successes when they finally got that satisfaction of completing a new route making the experience of climbing very positive. 

Corinna has continued to climb most weeks, enjoying the freedom of bouldering in a climbing wall as well as continuing to step outside her comfort zone and trying another activity. This time it was Stand Up Paddle boarding. Her eye had been on trying paddle boarding since she heard of the activity back in 2015, but had never done anything about it until she saw a six week introductory course being advertised.

‘The minute I saw the advertisement from The Outdoor Partnership – I was straight on the phone to book onto the course’.


Stand up paddle boarding bought with it a new challenge, of not falling in the water! The journey to standing up on a board included building confidence and core balance, but twelve sessions later of Stand-up Paddle boarding has taken Corinna from a beginner to booking onto a UKCC Level 1 assessment, which will allow her to teach others this great social activity. 

‘Taking part in these two new sports have given me a lot more confidence to go out there and try any new sports. It’s brought me out of my general circle of sports and given me the opportunity to try things I would never normally go out and try. My fitness has increased and I am now open to try anything new’. 

We will now be challenging Corinna to Mountain Bike and will be encouraging her to take her running from the 5k Park Run to the mountains!