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Established in 2005, The Outdoor Partnership is a registered Charity (Charity No. 1149280) inspiring local people to take up outdoor activities as a life-long pursuit. Our projects have been developed to create a continuum from grassroots through to podium and career pathways in the outdoor sector. Our sustainable participation, education, training, volunteering, and employment projects are improving the health, economic and social well-being of residents and for our future generations.

Our projects have provided over 100,000 outdoor activity opportunities for health and well-being; trained over 4000 volunteers at a SROI of £10million; helped over 500 unemployed people back into work at a SROI of £7 million; established over 80 community outdoor clubs and groups with over 7000 members regularly participating in a range of activities; provided sustainable opportunities for over 1000 disabled people through established groups and clubs; as a result increased the number of indigenous Welsh speaking instructors in the region from 4% to 25% (Bangor University Research 2003 & 2013) over the last 12 years.