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Plas y Brenin

Assistant Instructor Scheme - Plas y Brenin

A one year paid position in which you will work alongside some of the most experienced and highly qualified instructors in the country.

You must be an experienced paddler and climber and be qualified to Winter ML or BCU Level 3 Coach. Some experience of group management is desirable.

Please contact Martin Chester, Director of Training for more information on 01690 720214




Centre Assistant Scheme - Plas y Brenin

Plas y Brenin recruit eight Centre Assistants on a fifteen month volunteer programme each year (beginning in May of each year) to cover a number of essential and varied functions. Centre Assistants volunteer 40 hours per week and in exchange for this they receive:     

  • Full board and accommodation in a shared cottage on site
  • A number of National Governing Body Training and Assessment courses as available and appropriate (individuals are responsible for NGB registration costs)    
  • Opportunities to attend skills courses         
  • Some outdoor clothing                      
  • Re-imbursement of expenses of £60.00 per week        
  • Three month period of work on our introductory summer instructional programme at a level relevant to their experience, and dependent on successful completion of National Governing Body Awards            
  • 21 days leave over the 15 month period    
  • The opportunity to work for our sister company Mountain Training Limited during evenings or off duty time to supplement income. The rate for this additional work is currently £6.19 per hour.

Duties include:

  • Various tasks around the centre
  • Instructionally based work once appropriately qualified and experienced
  • Responsibility for security of the building between 5.15pm - 8.45am
  • Minibus collection of students from Llandudno Junction Train Station
  • Welcoming students / guests at reception, showing to rooms etc.
  • Dealing with telephone enquiries during the evening
  • Co-ordinating the Fire Drill when alarm sounds
  • Providing First Aid for guests as required or respond by contacting Emergency Services
  • Night porter duties (on-call)

This is not regarded as exclusive or exhaustive as there may be other duties and requirements associated with the post which the company may call upon the assistant to perform from time to time.

The assistants will:

  • Be keen outdoor enthusiasts looking to become leaders and instructors        
  • Have a friendly and outgoing personality       
  • Be flexible in their approach to work and happy to participate fully in a range of tasks         
  • Make a fifteen month commitment to Plas-y-Brenin     
  • Positively promote and represent the interests of MTT and Plas-y-Brenin in all their work        
  • Be a minimum age of 21 years and have held a full UK drivers licence for at least two years (D1 category is very desirable) in order to comply with our minibus driving restrictions

For more information please contact Plas y Brenin on 01690 720214 or be email info@pyb.co.uk 



Fast Track instructor Scheme - Plas y Brenin

If you would like to develop a career in the outdoors, our new fast track training programme could provide the ideal launch pad. 

Over this intensive and exciting four-month training period you will work towards a clutch of National Governing Body Awards, gather a huge amount of experience and develop your personal skills. What is more, when you leave you will take with you the respect and recognition that comes with having been trained at the National Mountain Centre. Rubbing shoulders with the instructors, you will stay in on-site accommodation seven days a week at Plas y Brenin, even though your course only runs Monday to Friday. That way you will be free to either join in with other courses taking place at the weekends or simply go climbing or paddling with your new-found friends at the National Mountain Centre. What is more, you will enjoy three hearty meals a day, overlooking Snowdon in our scenic dining room. During this intensive and exciting course you will receive personal skills training in kayaking, open canoeing, hill and mountain walking, rock climbing, first aid, orienteering and risk awareness and hazard management. As part of a personalised programme, you may complete coaching and leadership training courses for the following depending on your own experience and pre-requirements:

To help streamline your career development even further, our staff will be able to guide you through registration with each of the necessary national governing bodies helping you to understand the progression and pre-requirements for each scheme. You will also be able to pick up plenty of advice and guidance from our staff during your stay. And, provided you meet the pre-requirements, you will have the opportunity to attend assessment courses for any of the above. Along with the structured course content there will be many opportunities to gather valuable work and personal-skills experience and career advice from those around you.  This course is also ideal for anyone who is either taking a career break or works in the outdoors industry overseas and would like to develop a rich awareness of UK legislation, structure and good practice.

Cost £9,920

Duration: 80 days

For more information regarding the Fast Track Scheme please follow the link below or contact Plas y Brenin on 01690 720214

Fast Track Information