Volunteer of the Month Award for May: Rhys Jones

May 17 2019

This award recognises the efforts of volunteers who have made a contribution to their club

Name: Rhys Jones

Club Name: Clwb Canwio Amlwch

The volunteer’s role within the club: Treasurer and Membership Secretary

Average weekly volunteering commitment (hours): 4

How long have they been a member of the club: 2012

Coaching qualifications held: L1 Coach currently undergoing Paddlesport Leader assessment which will hopefully be achieved by the end of May 2019.

Rhys is an active member of the Club. His daughter Elliw went on to become a member of the Canoe Wales Sprint Kayak Team until she left for university in 2018 where she continues sprint kayak. Rhys helps coach and uses the Welsh language to do so. He has helped at the OP’s Festival in September. He has a cheerful disposition which is reflected in his coaching. He is an asset to Amlwch Canoe Club.

He has been an active member since 2012 and became a L1 Coach. He is currently being assessed for Paddlesport leader May 2019 and helps Club Night, Pool Sessions, & whenever available, at ACC community events.