Volunteer of the Month: March 2017: Simon Owen

April 06 2017

​Simon is a founder member of Conwy Sea Rowers. We received Community Club of the year 2 years ago and we have achieved Insport Silver.

Simon puts in a huge amount of effort and hours behind the scenes to ensure the club runs well and all rowers are safe and have fun out on the water.

Inclusivity is a major driving force and Simon has designed and made a unique set up to take para- rowers which has never been done before with the Celtic Longboats, this in addition to running all the weekly sessions. He is very selfless and will often drop out of races/sessions in order to cox or stand down so a rowing member can step in and have the experience.

Simon holds the post of Chairman and Saftety Officer within the club, organises sessions and delivers the necessary coaching along with all the preparation for sessions (moving boats/collating gear and people!) and of course the maintenance of the boats/trailers and equipment!